Inferior Valley of River Chubut (Full Day)
Dolavon + Capillas Galesas + Gaiman + Museo Paleontológico MEF, Trelew.
From April and to September of every year.

We begin the excursion picking up passangers from their hotels at Puerto Madryn at 9:00hs. We arrive at Trelew between 10:00 and 10:30 hs. for a city tour, with historical points like Tabernacl, a chapel, or the public square of the central city. The visit to the MEF (Museum Egidio Feruglio) submerges in a museum with great importance of world-wide level that offers patagonian paleontology to us in all its splendor. All the species of dinosaurs are exposed and plants of natural real size and simulating their habitat, teach to us with great scientific level and pedagogical how the zone was millon years, until the appearance of the man. The visit lasts approximately one hour.
A few minutes to visit Dolavon with the only Welsh chapel that has a bell tower and the visit to a harinero Mill of the same time that works and even does the times of restaurant so that we prune to enjoy a good pricked lunch or an excellent one.
The landscape changes to our step, we forget the almost dry desert steppe to give place to a fertile valley on the creeks of the Chubut River observed from the south. A way between green small farms arisen by the ability of the man to make the fertile Earth almost sterile a walk takes us to beautiful views mixed for example with another one of the chapels that enrich the landscape of the valley.
In order to feel the experience of walking between fossils and opened sky, we go to the Geoparque Bryn Gwyn, a place located on the South of the Inferior Valley from the Chubut River to eight kilometers of Gaiman. We raised from the plain (older species) to the top, by footpaths that take the different layers and sediments from the ground and grafican the different eras from the prehistoric Patagonia. The fossil rest that we found to our step characterize each stage and age of the Earth. Most importantly they are covered by small glass pyramids with one complete description of the animal. The visitor will be surprised with the amount of marine fossils vestiges of the passage of the seas by high earth. In addition to the good signaling, suitable personnel will accompany us to explain and to evacuate doubts.
Soon we continue to Gaiman, a small Welsh colony that maintains the tradition of the tea houses and the culture of the colonies of the country of Wales. We have time to taste the delights of the Welsh tea that is served with the already famous tradition of hospitality of the town of Gaiman and we cross the small location looking for the prettiest viewpoints, the tunnel of the old railroad, the central park etc.
We return at dusk to the city of the gulf by the way of small farms initiated in Dolavon or by asphalt route while, with the aid of the guide, we organized all information to never forget such an interesting experience.

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