Punta Tombo with avistaje of Toninas
From September and to April.

In this program, we will visit an important pingüinera of Latin America. It is combined with the magnificent experience of the observation of toninas in its natural habitat.
Our excursion begins at 8:00/8:30. We pick up the passengers at their hotel. First stop, Port of Rawson, beach Union, at 10:00 hs - optional watching of overas toninas. The smallest dolphin in the world. It is necessary to remember that these friendly animals and juguetones live in freedom. Our patrons of navigation will do everything possible to find them, depending on the dolphins. This excursion lasts approximately 1:30 hours.
When returning you will have free time for a lunch, in the Port of Rawson, famous for its fish and seafood.
Next we will start off, by debris ways, for Punta Tombo, geographic feature that serves as habitat for the pingüin of Magallanes. Considered time of stay in this reserve: 1:30 hs. - There you will have time to observe as they cohabit in the Giant coast, Gulls, Skúas, Petreles, Cormoranes, Ostreros and duck Steam and given the extension of the area, species characteristic of the steppe like Guanacos, Choiques, Maras and Zorros.
The price does not include entrances nor lunch.
This excursion leaves daily.
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