Dock Ameghino (Full Day)
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Full day excursion. We leave from Puerto Madryn at 8:00 hs/8:30 hs, crossing the provincial route Nro 25 that unites the coast with the Chubutense mountain range. In the kilometers that we will cross, the level landscape of the plateau will be waved until arriving at the Dock Florentino Ameghino, hydraulic engineer installation, that competes with the spectacularity of nature. In contrast with the steppe, Emerald, locked up between paredones of volcanic formation of the Jurásico of 200 meters in height appears before the view a green lake. The dam that we will be able to see, produces the electrical energy of the area. Long walks, fishing and navigation by the dam, are some of the activities to spend the day. In our way, we will know the only forest petrified zone, where the magnificence of the nature that exists in very few places of the world will be able to be appreciated. Petrifaction is not a common natural process, but the combination of a deep physical and chemical phenomena resulting in the substitution of the organic matter of the alive beings by silica molecules. You will be able to appreciate the result of these changes, in an alive being, that required million years and special circumstances, that they are a peculiarity in the world.
Approximate return, 18:30 hs.
This program will have to be reserved in advance.
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