Diving and snorkelling with Sealions
All the year

Submarine Baptism: If you wish to know the wonderful world subaqueous, this is the ideal excursion. It is not necessary to know how to swim, but only to have a desire. It is provided with the necessary equipment. It incluides theoretical and parctical instructions. The reduction is customized, we lower with an instructor.
Diploma is given.

Sport divers that already have their certificate: we offer very interesting reductions to diverse submarine parks, recent and old shipwrecks, natural reefs and restingas.
With or without provision of equipment. When you go, you can count on the support of instructor-guides.
It is possible to take two dives when you go.
Approximate duration: 3 hs.

Diving or snorkelling with sealions:
The best activity it is possible swimming with sealions.
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Snorkelling with sealions all the year

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